Screenshot 2016-01-22 19.06.44iMac, is that where it all began? i for internet, information, individual and interactive. How can one letter mean so much. Loot puts it to work in even more places.

Listen to a narrator

iPad then iTrain, iTube then iShuffle along.
I used to just commute, along with the throng.
iRead iNewspapers and take in iBooks.
This was just learning, before these new hooks.
iTune in iCloud out, iMessage and iPhone.
I used to work autonomously, now I am a clone.
iChoose, iOrder, iClick and then iCollect.
I used to call this shopping, now I must connect.
iPlay and iMovie, iLaugh and then iDream.
I used to call this leisure, now that is obscene.
iRobot, as pure iCandy, I am just a iCon.
I used to call this living, now I just click along.


Read by Anya Bettison

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