Screenshot 2016-04-06 13.25.09Could any institution or company survive, at all, let alone effectively without organisation, without organised activity, without people who can organise? I suspect not. Are not administrators at the heart of the core process? I suspect they are. However, I am sure the words of The Fire Warden in ‘Just Administration’ will be echoed by many who would empathise with them deeply. Although not so dark, these words and sentiments are reminiscent of those by Exsecutor, in ‘Administrator‘.

Listen to a narrator

Just Administration
They’ve dropped the question.
“What do you do?”
I sigh inside.
“Let’s talk about you!”

How can it be,
I’m still in this role?
When I was young,
Was this my goal?

Some dress it up.
They add a spin.
But ‘let’s be real’,
It’s just admin

I book the flights,
I order tea,
Nothing I do,
Is ever for me.

“It pays the bills”.
Oh that ol’ one.
Just let the others,
Have all the fun.

My creaking hands,
And aching back.
The ‘special chair’,
To help with that!!!

A Fire Warden.
That is me.
I’m in here last,
To save the MD

I need to change,
It’s pretty clear.
I’ll start a new,
Just 1 more year!

(The Fire Warden)

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This poem is narrated by Lorraine Ansell, a British female voiceover professional

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