Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 15.15.05This poem first appeared on the sister site to Work in Words, ‘Other Words’. It is striking how much of the message contains a set of serious messages about life in organisations. Learning from life’s experiences is somehow never as easy as you might think. You have to reflect, decide to do the same or to do it differently and then follow through. This can take a nano second or a multitude of them. Either way you must do it to learn.

There is often talk of being or becoming a learning organisation. But how can organisations learn if those within them regard repeated errors as ‘serendipitous’ and do not see they are being duplicitous’?

Listen to a narrator

Time is a flat circle
All we’ve done, we do again
Repeated joy, repeated pain
Lessons learned, soon forgot
Minute steps as we dot to dot

My premise is; time created death
Living things die and we are bereft
But they die to be reborn again
Trouble is, they’re reborn the same

Do we know good times when in them?
Never mind we will be there again
Cathartic narrative, easing my loss
Or sad realisation of the continuous

My failure is my inattention
I live within my own pretension
I’ve cleaned up but not enough
Always to be surrounded by stuff

Live the same life again, my curse
Same mistakes, no better, no worse
Kid myself it is serendipitous
Oh to live a life less duplicitous


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