Screenshot 2016-06-27 14.33.59It is so easy offer encouragement. Why is it that people all too often do not get it. Thoughts and ideas can so easily be starved.

Malnourished Thought
Holistic disapproval in this effigy of courage.
Mysterious panacea disguised in your haulage.
Malnourished thesis averts its eyes.
From the million corpses that fell like flies.


Read by Andy Denham

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Image: ‘L’Homme qui marche I’ is a bronze statue by Alberto Giacometti. This is the third sculpture from Giacometti on this list. It depicts a tall and extremely thin man walking. Six copies of the sculpture were made in 1961. On February 3, 2010, a copy which was numbered “2/6” was sold for $104.3 million to Lily Safra, widow to Edmond Safra, a wealthy banker. This was the most for which any sculpture has ever sold. The statue’s iconic appearance is displayed on the 100 Swiss Franc banknote.


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