Screenshot 2016-06-27 15.20.54Leaders and managers of business and other organisations grapple with the impact of their actions on the the business, its staff and themselves.

Listen to a narrator

Architects of possibilities and creators of real pain.
Refinance, strategic choice, I am feeling shit again.
Saviour of corporate life, I’ve created continuity.
Devastator of family life and creator of frugality.
Live to work or work to live it’s really all the same.
Stuck in this situation, whatever I do will maim.
No evil meant, but evil cast, card forever marked.
The memory of this day, no brightness, only dark.
We don’t deserve forgiveness and we will never ask.
Don’t expect congratulation or credit for the task.
Done what we’ve done, considered, reacted to goals.
So please just understand and help us save our souls.


Read by Andy Denham

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The image from the Hubble Space Telescope indicates that a huge ring of dark matter likely exists surrounding the center of CL0024+17 that has no normal matter counterpart.

What is visible in the image, first and foremost, are many spectacular galaxies that are part of CL0024+17 itself, typically appearing tan in color. Next, a close inspection of the cluster center shows several unusual and repeated galaxy shapes, typically more blue. These are multiple images of a few distant galaxies, showing that the cluster is a strong gravitational lens. The relatively weak distortions of the many distant faint blue galaxies all over the image, however, indicates the existence of the dark matter ring. The computationally modeled dark matter ring spans about five million light years and has been digitally superimposed to the image in diffuse blue.

A hypothesis for the formation of the huge dark matter ring holds that it is a transient feature formed when galaxy cluster CL0024+17 collided with another cluster of galaxies about one billion years ago, leaving a ring similar to when a rock is thrown in a pond.

Image credit: NASA, ESA, M. J. Jee and H. Ford et al. (Johns Hopkins Univ.) 


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