screenshot-2016-10-21-20-27-38More than my job’s worth is a phase so over used it’s spurned it own noun ‘the jobsworth’. Not my job awaits it version. Is it ever right to say ‘not in my job description, sorry? If so , when is that?

Its NOT my job.
The night before, you send an email,
With an off key note that is just so stale.
Not in my job, sorry, you say,
I shake my head and gaze in dismay.

I wonder of all the “not my jobs”,
I did in the past, for nothing, no probs.
I’ll do it again for you and for me,
I do it for us for ALL, including the banshee.

I’ll continue to do all the jobs I feel,
Are the right thing to do, you evil eel.
Is this a race thing that you can’t admit?
You did “not-my-jobs”, for a year, for a brit!


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Image: Picasso, 1932, Woman Sleeping in an Armchair. Oil on canvas


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