screenshot-2016-10-27-14-22-06Some measure the cost of meetings financially other in hours. Which ever way you do the calculation it’s never small. Estimates have it at 35% for middle managers and up to 50% for senior managers. Sadly, what ever the measure it is rarely seen as value for money. We are in little doubt as to Loot’s feelings on this question.

The meeting
At best high etiquette, listening, in a collaborative culture.
The coming together of minds, underpinning business structure.
At worst positioning, casting blame, the feeding of vultures.
Royalty spouting forth, acquiesced to by subductive sculptures.

Sat in the same place I sat last month, it’s started to dawn.
That all forward momentum is drowned in a never ending storm.
Now I’m feigning interest, I try hard to hold back this yawn.
Afraid of the message I am sending and of the resultant scorn.

S**t, I just caught myself sounding just like a fridge magnet.
I realise I am fishing for compliments like a factory ship drag net.
I will clam up again and “listen and learn” like a good cadet.
Don’t want to prolong the agony, just stick to the agenda as set.

Drawing to a close, 3 hours wasted, reeling from the barrage.
The objective of the meeting now blighted, still born, miscarried.
A princely summation, an autocue for the courtesan’s carriage.
Attendees leave frustrated, distraught and thoroughly disparaged.


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