screenshot-2017-01-25-10-40-05Socialising with work colleagues outside of working hours is often a source of great friendships and relations. But not always.

Celebrate / Deteriorate
Jingoism, bullsh+t, vented frustration and trash.
Much vaulted celebration, the Big Christmas Bash.
The standard line up, grub and free booze for all.
Greedy humanity feeding, staggering, about to fall.
The time to unshackle, and dodge adults sicking.
Duck drunken abuse, insults and worse, arse licking.
That joke you have heard a thousand times before.
That one dance a year whirlwind has just hit the floor.
Alright I’ve had a bit of fun, giggled quite a bit.
The booze was welcome and the food not to sh+t.
I’ve collected notes on stuff I shouldn’t know.
Now I’ve decided that it’s really is my time to go.
No I don’t want to thrash out embarrassing Karaoke.
And you dare stand in my way now I’ve decided to flee.


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