Everything in moderation some people like to say and the responses range: quite right too can often be heard; others seek a definition of moderation? and some point out that one person’s moderation is an other’s excess. Proportionality may be balance. Moderation may bring stability. But what’s the case for the disproportionate, for the immoderate and for rolling the dice?

Three days sober.
So, not all mornings need to be endured.
Hangovers are something that can be cured.
Clothes on hangers, when you leave them such.
I never realised that I actually p**s this much.

The walk to work can involve sight and vision.
Paranoia is all gone, no self-loathing or derision.
Return of sensitivity, feelings underneath the rust.
Alcohol, false glitter, sparkles some, turns to dust.

Now the novelty is wearing off, where is the fun.
I am laughing less, but getting much more done.
I recall everything, but there is nothing to forget.
It may sound stupid, I think I’m missing regret.

Life is about balance, what is debt without credit?
Reflected, it is true, teetotal does have some merit.
But in truth, what is life if you don’t roll the dice?
Considered, make mine a double, with loads of ice.


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Image: Drinking Still Life, Akulov, Vladmir (1954- ) – 1998
(Museum of Contemporary Russian Art, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA)


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