Screenshot 2015-12-02 09.57.03Ambitions are created by an individual and framed in the context of their work. In this case there is an ambition to deploy all the tenacity needed to stick out the daily grind of routinised work.

Off I go to the daily grind,
But as it is I do not mind.
I’m not treated all that good,
But in their position, I too would.

No matter how bad it gets,
I will not bail.
Coffee runs and photocopying,
Delivering mail.

It’s the basic process of life,
And it adds a little bite.



More people are writing and thinking about work based poetry. Does this poem make you think of anything? Send your thoughts to editor@organisationalpoetry.co.uk

Please do send a poem you’ve written or one you like and we’ll share it with other OP readers.

This poem is narrated by David Smith British male voiceover professional. You can read more about David here.





Image with this poem is of Kevin Jorgeson’s hands as they grip the razor edge on Pitch 15 while climbing El Capitan. Jan. 4, 2015. Photo credit: Tom Evans.



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